Natalie Lancer is a confident and articulate orator.  Her workshops are small groups that benefit from her personal focus and well-organised programmes. She speaks on the psychology of writing, self-care and growth and motivation.

Known for her engaging and insightful talks, Natalie’s audiences learn how to become focused and mentally stronger without burning out and giving up. They leave motivated, knowing the steps to success and energised, ready for the journey ahead.

Below are some of her talks and workshops topics; please feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a bespoke presentation.


The Spark! programme comprises a motivational, pre-workshop video, a three hour live workshop filled with creativity exercises, grounded in your thesis, and a one-to-one inspiring coaching session with Chartered Psychologist, Dr Natalie Lancer.

In academia, our playful creativity can become stifled. People often lose the joy in their academic work: their work becomes task oriented rather than creative. The workshop exercises in Spark! will reconnect you to your research and writing with levity and joy, helping you remember what you bring to your own work.

The exercises are deeply reflective and reflexive, which will result in your writing becoming more vibrant. These exercises will allow you to tap into creative pathways and allow new perspectives on your work to surface, giving you a way forward to think about your work in alternative directions. As one previous delegate said, “They move you out of ‘head down’ mode into ‘head up’ mode”.

In the half hour one-to-one coaching session, you can discuss anything with Dr Natalie Lancer, to help you move forward in your work. This ranges from asking for feedback on up to two pages of work, discussing anxieties and how to be more confident in your work, developing your authorial voice, how to overcome procrastination and increase productivity to managing up your supervisor and your work-life balance. All sessions are confidential.

The resulting super-charged experience will jumpstart your thesis progress.

The Psychology of Writing: The Eight Tensions Writing Framework for Doctoral students

psc of writing

In this talk, Dr Lancer discusses the Psychology of Writing from an existential perspective, a fruitful way of looking at writing and our relationship to it. She will explain how this approach contrasts with behavioural and cognitive approaches. The Eight Tensions Writing Framework creates awareness of our choices between the tensions inherent in writing. Your students will be encouraged to gain more control over their writing and be empowered to own their creative process.
The accompanying workshop, which usually runs the following day, helps your students situate the Eight Tensions into their context using creative and motivational exercises. The exercises allow your students to tap into creative pathways and allow new perspectives on their work to surface. As one previous delegate said, “They move you out of ‘head down’ mode into ‘head up’ mode”.

After completing this workshop, your students will be better able to:

  1. Appreciate the importance and ubiquity of misunderstanding and wrestling with seminal texts as a route to creativity and expansion in research and thinking.
  2. Understand how to become an independent researcher, capable of negotiating with their supervisors.
  3. Gain a new perspective of imposter syndrome.
  4. Realise the futility of comparing with others.
  5. Plan how to tackle each of the Eight Tensions inherent in doctoral study on a personal level, helping them bring their whole self to their work, so they can tackle their doctorate with confidence.
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