Guts and Goals UK Afternoon
2pm – 3pm UK time

The Guts and Goals Programme for Doctoral students helps you on a daily basis, to clarify, commit to and implement your goals.

It works like this: For six days every week you get a brand new training from Chartered Psychologist, Dr Natalie Lancer. She walks you through prompts, strategies and psychological principles of motivation and perseverance to rev you up to implement your goals and help you remove any internal obstacles for why you shouldn’t follow through on them. The trainings are about four minutes long. Short, sharp and to the point.

How do you implement your goals? We meet every Monday and Friday for 6 weeks in a small group on Zoom, to set our goals for the week, announce our goals for the next week, look back to the past week to celebrate our success and to reflect on the prompts in the videos.

In our WhatsApp group we communicate daily on our progress and cheer each other on. We hold each other accountable to our goals – making it easy for you to show up and make steady progress.

This is for committed students who want to totally focus on their work.

Price: £525 for the six week block

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If you have any questions about this programme please email [email protected]

Guts and Goals UK Afternoon 2023 Dates
2pm-3pm UK time

February/March 2023 Dates

20th February
24th February at 11am UK time
27th February
3rd March
6th March
10th March
13th March
17th March
20th March
24th March
27th March
31st March

April/May 2023 Dates

17th April
21st April
24th April
28th April
3rd May at 1.30pm UK time*
5th May
9th May*
12th May
15th May
18th May (Wednesday)
22nd May
26th May

*(Not a Monday as the Monday is the National Holiday)

Guts and Goals Feedback

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