Ok, you have found a thing, an idea, a way of doing something, a framework. How do you get it out there and working for you?

NextQuest is for people who have something to say, perhaps as a result of postgraduate study or professional experience, and need help to bring it out into the world. They are on their Next Quest. The Next Big Thing.

NextQuest consists of 10 monthly 1.5 hour one-to-one coaching sessions with Dr Natalie Lancer.

We work together:

                                          • Locating where you are in your field

                                          • Working out what you stand for

                                          • Honing your message

                                          • Shaping your new way of being

                                          • Practising ‘next level’ behaviours

                                          • Delivering the goods multiple times

                                          • Fine-tuning

                                          • Reaching out to relevant people with platforms

                                          • Spreading the message

                                          • Leveraging your reach

Price: £1875

If you have any questions about this programme or to make payment please email [email protected]

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