Hive Mind Programme

Does this sound like you?

              • You relish intellectual academic conversation

              • You love exploring different ideas and concepts

              • You are forming your arguments for your dissertation, thesis or paper and you want to get them spot on and buzzing

How would you like the sharpest minds zooming in on your academic problem… helping you birth your chapter/paper/section?

What about harnessing the originality of interdisciplinary thought and approaches to make sure you are applying the latest thinking and doing your research topic justice?


The Hive Mind Programme

Experience the joy of discussing your intellectual issue with other academics so you air out your thoughts, giving you momentum to write.

              • We convene once a month over six months between February and July 2021.

              • Only a maximum of 12 people can join.

              • Dr Natalie Lancer is your facilitator.

                The meeting is for 2 hours. There is some flexibility between the two groups. Choose which group will be your main group to which you are accountable but if you can’t make some sessions you can do those in the other group.

There are three Hive Mind groups starting in February 2021 – two meet in the day and one meets in the evening. Please email me which one you prefer to join.

The dates of the evening group are:

                  • Thursday 11th February,

                  • Monday 15th March,

                  • Tuesday 27th April,

                  • Thursday 20th May,

                  • Thursday 10th June

                  • Thursday 1st July.

It is 8-10pm each time and we meet on Zoom.

The dates of the Tuesday day group are:

                    • Tuesday 16th February

                    • Tuesday 16th March

                    • Tuesday 27th April

                    • Tuesday 11th May

                    • Tuesday 8th June

                    • Tuesday 13th July

The day group meets 3.30pm – 5.30pm each time and we meet on Zoom.

The dates of the Wednesday day group are:

                    • Wednesday 17th February

                    • Wednesday 24th March

                    • Wednesday 28th April

                    • Wednesday 19th May

                    • Wednesday 16th June

                    • Wednesday 14th July

The day group meets 3.30pm – 5.30pm each time and we meet on Zoom.

This is how it works:

We focus on at least two people in each session. Those two people set out their intellectual quandary. The bright minds of the group interrogate the problem, bouncing ideas around and finding the sweet spot of your question.

Then we move onto the next person. We focus our brain power on their issue and so on.

What’s in it for you?

              • By helping others problem solve and explore their issue, you will broaden your academic mind and sharpen your approach to academic quandaries.

              • You will benefit from having the support of a diverse group of bright sparks, engaging deeply with your research.

              • You will have access to a dedicated private Facebook group where we can share ideas in a safe space outside of meetings.

How much is it?

Total cost is £147. This can be paid in three instalments of £50 or all at once.

To secure your place pay here:

£147 total payment

Buy Now!


Three payments of £50

Buy In Three

Please fill in the short registration form which can be found here: Registration Form

If you have any questions about this programme please email [email protected]

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