Do you ever wish you had more time to get your work done?

You have lots of exciting things to work on and are probably spinning many plates already…

…If only you had more time…

Now I can’t make more time for you, but I can make the time you have count!

Introducing the Brain fuel Breakfast Club –

where we get s**t done!!

• Get more done in 1 hour then 1 day
• Community of people who are on a mission to get their work done
• Accountable and encouraging environment
• Professional and friendly facilitator

Hosted by yours truly, Dr Natalie Lancer. Come and join me on Fridays at 8am and make more progress than ever before!

Meet Miriam, she was struggling for a long time….

That was until she came to our Brain Fuel Breakfast Club and this is what she had to say…

“I’m so grateful to be able to attend these ‘bright and early’ sessions. Waking up with anticipation, I bundle the kids off where they need to go, grab a coffee and BREATHE, knowing I have a blast of productivity coming my way that would rarely happen through the morning fatigue that’s typically set in by Friday (or most days if I’m honest!).

Knowing the pace and structure of the sessions is so motivating – I set more realistic goals now, and by 9.30am, feel accomplished and energised by the good company of fellow writers and Natalie, our ever-cheerful and professional facilitator!”

Miriam Craik-Horan, Final year PhD student, UCL Institute of Education

Meet Anna Dempsey, a second year PhD student at the School of Writing, Publishing and Humanities at Bath Spa University. She says…

“Brain Fuel Breakfast Fridays help me end the week strong by offering community and accountability. Natalie keeps things moving and allows me to get my work done with helpful breaks in between making PhD life much less lonely! It’s definitely helped me meet deadlines which can be a struggle towards the end of the week.”

Meet Sophie Welsh, a third year student from the University of Exeter…

“Brain Fuel Breakfast works well due to the optional short breaks every 30 minutes, which helped to break up the time but also allowed me to carry on working if I was in a flow. I got a lot of work done, which was really impressive given the time of day (I am normally most productive at the end of the day). It was a great way to start the final day of the week, helping me to finish on a high. I think Brain Fuel Breakfasts would be especially useful for me on days when I am taking a half day to travel somewhere for the weekend, as it means I can get a solid amount of work done in a short amount of time at the start of the day. Natalie’s welcoming and encouraging style helped me to stay motivated, and it was really helpful to start off with an intention and inspiring to hear everyone else’s.”

Meet Suzanne, a part-time student who attends our Breakfast Brain Fuel Club…

“Brain Fuel Fridays are a nice date in the diary three times a month. I know I will get some work done early in the morning and be able to keep going afterwards for a productive day. Some days I enjoy having a chat with other participants in the break-out rooms during the breaks. Natalie hosts the session skilfully and creates a peer group where everyone is welcome, including distance and mature students.”

Suzanne, SWW DTP, part-time student

Meet Juliet Brown, a 4th year, part-time student at UCL…

“Getting up and starting work early sets a great precedent for the day. I enjoy working with a group as it provides accountability and helps me feel more focused. Learning how to plan ahead and work in sprints is informing my approach to the PhD in a really positive way.

The breaks provide an opportunity to either commiserate about slow progress or celebrate small achievements with the others. Overall Brain Fuel Breakfast is really motivational and helps remind me that there’s a group of us on this PhD journey!”

If you feel like Miriam, Anna, Sophie, Suzanne or Juliet and need an environment where you can fully focus and smash out your work, then reserve your place:

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